Product Care

Product preservation:

  • Please avoid contact with moisture¬†of¬†the product.
  • Be sure not to spray perfumes or apply lotions¬†after¬†putting on the product.¬†
  • Remove¬†the product before exercise and going to bed.
  • We recommend keeping¬†the product as dry as possible as this will help prolong its¬†longevity, and retain its quality.


How to clean a Onushshar product:

  • Gently use¬†a dry clean cloth to wipe off any residue.
  • The use of a dry toothbrush is also useful in removing dirt off the product.


How to store a Onushshar product:

  • The product¬†should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
  • Each propduct can¬†be stored in the air tight, waterproof zip lock bag that comes with your order.
  • Please note that¬†proper storage¬†can retain the condition of the product, and tarnishing can be delayed, but will still occur over time.


Important note: All products will eventually tarnish over time. The speed at which the quality of the product becomes dull will depend on multiple factors, including (and not limited to) the chemical level of your skincare products, level of perspiration, and even your natural skin PH. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to the care of a Onushshar product.